Big News: (BISP) 10500 Last Phase Start From 24 June 2024

Big News: (BISP) 10500 Last Phase Start From 24 June 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), a significant social safety net initiative in Pakistan, is set to roll out the third phase of its latest installment on June 24, 2024. This phase aims to address and cover individuals who were not included in the previous two phases, ensuring that all eligible recipients receive their payments.

Overview of BISP Installments

The BISP has implemented a phased approach to distribute its latest installments. The first two phases were released before Eid, and the third phase, beginning on June 24, will cover all remaining eligible recipients. This strategy ensures that all entitled individuals, including those from areas not previously covered, receive their payments promptly.

Combined Payments for Benazir Kafalat and Educational Scholarship Programs

The Benazir Kafalat Program and the Benazir Taleemi Wazaif (Educational Scholarship Program) payments are being disbursed simultaneously. This integration ensures beneficiaries receive both the Kafalat Program money and children’s scholarship funds without delays. In previous stages, installments for both programs were issued together, and this will continue in the final phase.

Updates on the 8171 Web Portal

The 8171 web portal is a critical resource for checking BISP payments. During the initial phases, many users saw zero balances due to updates still being in progress. The portal is now being enhanced to provide comprehensive information, including PMT scores, transaction history, and more. These updates aim to improve privacy and security, possibly introducing personal accounts for users to access their profiles securely.

Special Considerations for Ineligible Women

Women deemed ineligible due to increased BMT scores from the dynamic survey can still withdraw their previous payments during this Eid installment. However, this will be their last installment for the next two years. After this period, a new survey will determine their eligibility for future assistance.

Dynamic Survey for Regular Beneficiaries

The government has initiated a dynamic survey for all regular beneficiaries who have been receiving funds for the past two to three years. These beneficiaries are required to update their forms to continue receiving support. Those who fail to update their forms will be disqualified for two years, and no re-registration will be allowed during this period. New applicants can also join the program through this survey.

Quick Details

Key PointInformation
Program Start DateJune 24, 2024
Phases CompletedTwo
Programs CoveredBenazir Kafalat Program, Benazir Taleemi Wazaif
Web Portal8171
Survey Update RequirementYes, for regular beneficiaries
Disqualification PeriodTwo years for non-updated forms
Special ConsiderationIneligible women can withdraw previous payments


  1. When does the third phase of BISP 10500 start?
    • The third phase begins on June 24, 2024.
  2. Are the payments for Benazir Kafalat and educational scholarships released together?
    • Yes, the payments for both programs are released simultaneously.
  3. How can I check my BISP payments?
    • You can check your payments through the 8171 web portal.
  4. What happens if I don’t update my form in the dynamic survey?
    • If you do not update your form, you will be disqualified for two years.
  5. Can new applicants join the BISP program?
    • Yes, new applicants can register through the dynamic survey.
  6. Are ineligible women eligible for any payments?
    • Ineligible women can withdraw their previous payments during the Eid installment, but this will be their last payment for two years.

Final Word

The Benazir Income Support Program continues to be a vital support system for many in Pakistan. With the upcoming third phase, the program aims to ensure that all eligible individuals receive their due support. Regular updates to the 8171 web portal and the introduction of a dynamic survey process highlight the government’s efforts to streamline the program and enhance its effectiveness.

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