Good News: 938 Error In BISP Payment Withdrawal Issue Resolve

Good News: 938 Error In BISP Payment Withdrawal Issue Resolve

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BISP Payment Withdrawal Issue:


The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) serves as a lifeline for countless families in Pakistan, providing crucial financial support. However, some beneficiaries encounter challenges when they encounter the elusive 938 error code during their payment withdrawals. This article delves into the intricacies of the 938 error, offering tailored solutions to ensure beneficiaries can access their funds without interruption.

Understanding the 938 Error Code

The 938 error code signifies a critical issue within the BISP system: the failure to verify beneficiary information. This verification failure typically arises from outdated personal details or incomplete participation in mandatory surveys, disrupting the payment disbursement process.

Common Causes of the 938 Error

  1. Outdated Information: Beneficiaries must maintain up-to-date personal details such as identification numbers, contact information, and household composition. Failure to update this information can trigger the 938 error.
  2. Survey Compliance: Participation in BISP surveys is mandatory for maintaining eligibility. Neglecting to participate in or update survey information promptly can lead to payment delays or errors.
  3. Disqualifying Actions: Certain actions, such as taking loans from specified banks or making significant changes to asset ownership, can disqualify beneficiaries from receiving BISP payments, resulting in the 938 error.

Step-by-Step Solution to Resolve the 938 Error

To overcome the 938 error and facilitate seamless payment withdrawals:

Step 1: Visit Your Nearest BISP Office

Initiate proactive measures by visiting your local BISP office. Here, you can update your information, ensuring all details are current and accurate. This includes verifying your identity, contact information, and any changes in household status.

Step 2: Complete BISP Surveys Diligently

Ensure meticulous participation in BISP surveys. These surveys serve as a pivotal means of verifying your continued eligibility for support. Fulfill all survey requirements promptly to maintain compliance and eligibility.

Step 3: Verify Information with NADRA

Authenticate and update your information with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). BISP relies on NADRA data for verification purposes, making it essential to ensure all information aligns accurately.

Step 4: Avoid Disqualifying Actions

Stay informed about actions that could jeopardize your eligibility for BISP payments. Refrain from activities such as taking loans from restricted banks or transferring significant assets without proper documentation or approval.


Q: What should I do if I encounter the 938 error?

A: Promptly visit your nearest BISP office. Update your information, participate in surveys, and adhere to program requirements to swiftly resolve the error and resume payment disbursements.

Q: Why does the 938 error occur?

A: The 938 error typically arises due to discrepancies in beneficiary information or non-compliance with mandatory survey requirements, hindering verification processes essential for payment release.

Q: Can I update my information online?

A: Currently, updates and verifications must be conducted in person at BISP offices to ensure accuracy and compliance with program guidelines.


Effectively navigating the BISP 938 error requires proactive engagement and adherence to program guidelines. By updating your information, participating in surveys, and avoiding disqualifying actions, you can ensure uninterrupted access to vital financial support through BISP. For detailed guidance and further assistance, beneficiaries are encouraged to consult official BISP resources or visit their website for the latest updates.

Quick Details Table

IssueBISP 938 Error Code
Common CausesOutdated information, incomplete survey participation, disqualifying actions
SolutionVisit BISP office, update information, complete surveys, verify with NADRA, avoid disqualifying actions
ImpactDelays in payment disbursement, temporary halt in financial support
Additional ResourcesConsult BISP website or office for detailed guidelines and updates

This comprehensive guide aims to empower BISP beneficiaries with practical steps and clear explanations to resolve the 938 error and ensure continued financial support without interruptions.


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