Big News: BISP PMT Score Program 2024

Big News: BISP PMT Score Program Update 2024

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BISP PMT Score Program

BISP PMT Score Program The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is crucial in aiding impoverished families in Pakistan. Central to its operations is the Poverty Measurement Tool (PMT), which determines eligibility for assistance through a specific score. This blog post will explore the latest updates and insights about the BISP PMT Score Program in 2024, providing valuable information for beneficiaries and those seeking to learn more about the program.Also Read:Applying for Kisan Card Online in Pakistan

What is the BISP PMT Score Program?

BISP PMT Score Program The PMT score is a critical element for accessing BISP’s financial assistance. A score of 32 or below qualifies a household for benefits. This score is derived from a comprehensive household survey that evaluates several factors:

  • Land Ownership: Examines the size and type of landholdings.
  • Housing Characteristics: Assesses the condition, materials used, and ownership status of the dwelling.
  • Household Assets: Evaluates the ownership of durable goods such as televisions, motorcycles, and refrigerators.
  • Livestock Ownership: Considers the number and types of animals owned by the household.
  • Income Sources and Expenditures: Details household income streams and spending patterns.Also Read:11 Cities in Punjab to Get Free Public Wi-Fi

Checking BISP PMT Payment Status Online

BISP PMT Score Program Although direct online checking of BISP payment amounts isn’t available, there are methods to verify your BISP status and indirectly understand your eligibility for payments. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process.

BISP PMT Score Program
BISP PMT Score Program

Quick Details

Eligibility Score32 or below
Land OwnershipSize and type of landholdings
Housing CharacteristicsCondition, materials used, ownership status
Household AssetsDurable goods like TVs, motorcycles, refrigerators
Livestock OwnershipNumber and types of animals
Income and ExpendituresIncome streams and spending patterns


1. What is the BISP PMT Score?

The PMT score is a measure used by the BISP to determine eligibility for financial assistance. A score of 32 or below qualifies a household for benefits.

2. How is the PMT score calculated?

The score is based on a household survey that assesses land ownership, housing characteristics, household assets, livestock ownership, and income and expenditure patterns.

3. Can I check my BISP payment status online?

You cannot directly check your BISP payment amount online, but you can verify your BISP status through other available methods.

4. What should I do if my PMT score is above 32?

If your PMT score is above 32, you may not be eligible for BISP benefits. You can reapply or seek other assistance programs if your circumstances change.Read:Ehsaas Kafalat Program Registration Reopened Now

5. How often is the PMT score updated?

The PMT score is updated periodically based on new household survey data. It is essential to keep your household information up to date with the BISP authorities.


The BISP PMT Score Program is a vital initiative supporting low-income families in Pakistan. By understanding the factors influencing the PMT score and the methods to check your eligibility, you can better navigate the process and maximize the benefits available to you. Stay informed about the latest developments in the BISP PMT Score Program to ensure you receive the assistance you need.

For more information, visit the official BISP website or contact their support services.

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