Good News CM to launch ‘Grand Health Programme 2024

Good News CM to launch ‘Grand Health Programme 2024

Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has mandated the completion of various health infrastructure projects, with Basic Health Units (BHUs) and Rural Health Centres (RHCs) slated for completion by March and June 2025, respectively. This directive came during a detailed three-hour meeting where progress on the CM Punjab Special Health Initiatives was reviewed.

Special Allowances for Doctors in Remote Areas

In a historic decision, the CM approved special allowances for doctors serving in remote areas of the province, aiming to enhance healthcare delivery in underserved regions.

Nawaz Sharif Cancer Care Hospital

Phase I Development

  • Budget: Rs46 billion
  • Facilities: Cancer care clinics, state-of-the-art equipment, doctors’ residences, solar sheds, parking, inns, and restaurants.
  • Initial Bed Capacity: 150 beds (increased from 100)
  • Phase II Expansion: Potential to add over 280 beds.

Supply of Medicines and Specialized Hospitals

Efforts are underway to ensure a consistent supply of medicines across all health centers and hospitals in Punjab. Proposals were discussed to establish a specialized hospital for bone marrow transplants and to initiate a free insulin program.

New Projects and Expansions

Nawaz Sharif Institute of Cardiology Sargodha

The CM directed the immediate commencement of construction for the Nawaz Sharif Institute of Cardiology in Sargodha and reviewed the outsourcing of angiography services.

Monitoring and Quality Assurance

A new system for continuous monitoring of hospital performance is being developed. The CM emphasized no compromise on quality, with regular evaluations of hospital facilities relative to patient influx.

Special Projects

  • Artificial Limb Implantation: Approved for disabled persons.
  • Cancer Treatment Unit: To be established at Qatar Hospital, Bhakkar.
  • PIC-II Cardiology: To be made operational soon.
  • New Hospital in Rajanpur: Proposal agreed upon.

Health Projects Timeline and Quality Standards

A detailed review of health projects in each division was conducted, with departments asked to submit project timelines. The CM underscored that every new project should exemplify high quality and standards.

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Field Hospitals and Medical Colleges

Field hospitals will be established in every tehsil, and a special lift service for patients has commenced. Simli TB Hospital will be converted into a General Hospital, and medical colleges will be established in each district via public-private partnerships, with 50% of students admitted on government merit.

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Digital Records and Eye Hospital Management

The installation of an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system in primary and rural health centers is complete. The Government Data Durbar Eye Hospital will be handed over to the Auqaf Department.

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Quick Details

Basic & Rural Health Centres CompletionBHUs: March 2025, RHCs: June 2025
Special Allowance for Remote Area DoctorsApproved
Nawaz Sharif Cancer Care HospitalRs46 billion, 150 beds initially
Bone Marrow Transplant HospitalProposal under evaluation
Free Insulin ProgramProposed
Nawaz Sharif Institute of Cardiology SargodhaConstruction to start immediately
Monitoring System for HospitalsContinuous monitoring system under development
Artificial Limb Implantation ProjectApproved
Cancer Treatment Unit in BhakkarTo be established
PIC-II CardiologyTo be operational soon
New Hospital in RajanpurProposal agreed upon
Field Hospitals in Every TehsilSpecial lift service started
Simli TB Hospital ConversionTo General Hospital
Medical Colleges in Every DistrictPublic-private partnership, 50% govt. merit
EMR System InstallationCompleted
Data Durbar Eye Hospital ManagementHanded to Auqaf Department

These initiatives underscore the CM’s commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure and services across Punjab, ensuring high standards and accessibility for all residents.

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