Breaking News: Punjab Government Himmat Card 7500 Scheme 2024

Breaking News: Punjab Government Himmat Card 7500 Scheme 2024

The Punjab government has introduced the Himmat Card 7500 scheme to support handicapped individuals with a quarterly stipend. This initiative is part of a broader effort to assist disabled persons in Punjab by providing financial assistance for three years. Initially set at 6,000 rupees, the stipend has been increased to 7,500 rupees due to inflation. This scheme is expected to benefit 30,000 certified handicapped individuals in Punjab who are unable to work.

Quick Details

Scheme NameHimmat Card 7500 Scheme
Stipend Amount7,500 rupees quarterly
Duration3 years
Beneficiaries30,000 certified handicapped individuals in Punjab
Registration PortalEhsaas Program 8171 web portal
Contact InformationPunjab Chief Minister’s special landline: 0800-02345

Benefits of the Himmat Card

The Himmat Card provides a range of benefits to disabled individuals:

  • Quarterly Stipend: 7,500 rupees to support living expenses.
  • Financial Assistance: Additional support for daily needs.
  • Educational Scholarships: Aid for educational pursuits.
  • Discounts on Public Transport: Reduced fares for travel.
  • Government Programs: Access to various government initiatives.
  • Disability-Assistive Devices: Equipment to aid in daily activities.
  • Job Quotas: Reserved job opportunities in various sectors.
  • Free Medical Facilities: Access to healthcare services.

Required Documents for Registration

To register for the Himmat Card, the following documents are necessary:

  • CNIC/B-Form
  • Disability Certificate
  • Proof of Monthly Income
  • Household Electricity and Gas Bills
  • CRMS (Birth Certificate Number)
  • Phone Number

For details on the new payment mechanisms, visit the New Payment Mechanism portal.

Eligibility Criteria for the Himmat Card

To qualify for the Himmat Card, applicants must meet these criteria:

  • Possess a special disability certificate from the Social Welfare Department of Punjab.
  • Be unable to work as per the disability certificate.
  • Be a resident of Punjab.
  • Hold a valid Pakistani identity card.
  • Not receive financial assistance from other government schemes.
  • Score below 38 on the PMT in the NSER survey.
  • Not be a retired government employee.
  • Have no history of travel abroad.
  • Have no income source.
  • Not be employed in government or non-government jobs.

Stay updated with the latest BISP news for additional information.

Punjab Himmat Card 7500 Registration Process

Eligible individuals can register by visiting the Social Welfare Department’s help desk or the District Officer’s office during office hours. Registration through any other method is not permitted. In case of any data errors, individuals can return to the Social Welfare office to correct them. For the latest updates on the 25% increment in BISP, Increment News.


What are the benefits of the Himmat Card 7500 Scheme?

The Himmat Card offers disabled individuals a quarterly stipend of 7,500 rupees, financial support, educational scholarships, discounts on public transportation, access to government programs, disability-assistive technology, job quotas, and free medical treatment.

What documents are necessary for Himmat Card registration?

Required documents include a CNIC/B-Form, disability certificate, proof of monthly income, household electricity and gas bills, CRMS (Birth Certificate Number), and phone number.

How can eligible individuals sign up for the Himmat Card 7500 scheme?

Eligible persons can register by visiting the Social Welfare Department’s help desk or the District Officer’s office during office hours.


The Himmat Card 7500 Project is a commendable initiative by the Punjab government aimed at improving the lives of disabled individuals. The registration process is ongoing across Punjab, and eligible individuals can complete the necessary paperwork by following the provided instructions. For more details, call the Punjab Chief Minister’s special landline at 0800-02345 or leave a comment in the designated area below.

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