Punjab Launches First-Ever Livestock Card Scheme for Interest-Free Loans 2024

Punjab Launches First-Ever Livestock Card Scheme for Interest-Free Loans 2024

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In a historic move for Pakistan, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has approved the Punjab Livestock Card scheme. This initiative aims to support livestock farmers with interest-free loans, fostering economic independence and growth within the sector.

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Scheme Overview

The Punjab Livestock Card project introduces an interest-free loan of Rs250,000 specifically for animal feed. This groundbreaking initiative is coupled with the launch of the “Farmer Guidance App,” designed to assist farmers in managing their livestock more effectively.

Punjab Launches First-Ever Livestock Card Scheme

During a meeting chaired by CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif, several pivotal projects related to livestock were approved. The CM emphasized the importance of streamlining the loan acquisition process for livestock farmers. Additionally, a scheme for dairy farming in South Punjab was discussed, with the aim of further boosting the agricultural economy in the region.

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Key Features of the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme

Loan Facilities

  • Loan Amount: Rs250,000 interest-free loan.
  • Repayment Period: 90 days.
  • Purpose: Specifically for animal feed, including wanda, silage, and mineral mixture facilities.

Additional Benefits

  • Free Animal Tagging: Farmers will have access to free tagging services for their animals.
  • Free Insemination Services: To improve livestock breeding efficiency.
  • Quality Testing: Farmers can avail free wanda and silage quality testing facilities.

Target Beneficiaries

The scheme is designed to benefit 40,000 farmers, providing them with the necessary financial support to enhance their livestock farming operations. Additionally, 4 lakh animals are expected to be available for meat export through this scheme, boosting the meat export industry.

Regional Focus: South Punjab

A significant aspect of the scheme is its focus on the rural areas of South Punjab. The program aims to provide loans in soft installments to both male and female farmers in this region, promoting gender equality and inclusive growth.

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Technology Integration

The livestock care component of the scheme will be facilitated through the ‘Animal Identity Traceability System’ in Punjab. This system will help in tracking and managing livestock more efficiently, ensuring better care and productivity.

Simplified Loan Acquisition

The CM has directed officials to simplify the stages involved in acquiring loans, making the process more accessible and less cumbersome for farmers. This step is crucial in ensuring that more farmers can benefit from the scheme without facing bureaucratic hurdles.


The Punjab Livestock Card scheme is a transformative initiative aimed at empowering livestock farmers in Punjab. By providing interest-free loans and essential services, the scheme not only supports the economic independence of farmers but also enhances the overall productivity and quality of livestock farming in the region.

Quick Details in Table

Loan AmountRs250,000 (interest-free)
Repayment Period90 days
Target Beneficiaries40,000 farmers
Animals for Meat Export4 lakh
Additional ServicesFree tagging, insemination services, quality testing
Regional FocusSouth Punjab
Technology IntegrationAnimal Identity Traceability System

This initiative, by fostering economic independence and modernizing livestock management, is poised to significantly uplift the livestock sector in Punjab.


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