Punjab Livestock Card Scheme 2024: Access Interest-Free Loans

Punjab Livestock Card Scheme 2024: Access Interest-Free Loans

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Introduction to the Livestock Card Scheme

The Punjab government is set to launch its first-ever Livestock Card Scheme in 2024, a groundbreaking initiative designed to provide interest-free loans to livestock farmers. This scheme, approved by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, aims to empower livestock farmers economically, enhancing their ability to sustain and grow their businesses.

Punjab Livestock Card Scheme

During a dedicated meeting focused on improving facilities for livestock farmers, Chief Minister Nawaz highlighted the government’s commitment to making livestock farmers economically independent. This scheme will specifically target dairy farmers in South Punjab’s rural areas, aiming to benefit over 40,000 farmers by providing them with the financial resources they need to thrive.

Details of Interest-Free Loans

Loan Amounts and Usage

  • Animal Feed Loans: Farmers can receive loans of up to Rs 250,000 for purchasing animal feed. These loans come with a repayment period of 90 days.
  • Additional Loans: Loans up to Rs 270,000 will be available for purchasing wanda, silage, and mineral mixtures.

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Simplified Loan Acquisition Process

To ensure that the loans are easily accessible, the Chief Minister has directed that the loan acquisition process be streamlined. This will help farmers obtain the necessary funds without undue hassle, enabling them to focus more on their livestock care and less on bureaucratic processes.

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Support Services for Farmers

Animal Identity Traceability System

A key feature of the Livestock Card Scheme is the introduction of an ‘Animal Identity Traceability System’. This system is designed to enhance the overall care and management of livestock.

Free Services Included

  • Animal Tagging: Farmers will receive free animal tagging services, ensuring better management and tracking of livestock.
  • Insemination Services: The scheme includes free insemination services to improve livestock breeding practices.
  • Quality Testing: Farmers will also benefit from quality testing of wanda and silage, ensuring that their livestock receive high-quality feed.

Economic Impact and Benefits

The Livestock Card Scheme is a significant step towards improving the livelihoods of Punjab’s livestock farmers. By providing interest-free loans and various support services, the scheme aims to make livestock farming more economically viable and sustainable. This initiative is expected to enhance the overall productivity of the livestock sector, contributing to the economic growth of the region.

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Quick Details

Loan Amount for Animal FeedUp to Rs 250,000 with a 90-day repayment period
Additional Loan AmountUp to Rs 270,000 for wanda, silage, and mineral mixtures
Target BeneficiariesOver 40,000 dairy farmers in South Punjab’s rural areas
Simplified Loan ProcessDirected to ensure ease of access for farmers
Animal Identity Traceability SystemIncluded to enhance livestock care
Free Services ProvidedAnimal tagging, insemination services, quality testing of wanda and silage
Economic BenefitsEnhances productivity and economic viability of livestock farming


The Punjab Livestock Card Scheme 2024 is a landmark initiative aimed at providing financial support and enhancing the productivity of livestock farmers. By offering interest-free loans and various support services, the scheme aims to empower farmers economically, paving the way for their self-sufficiency and contributing to the overall growth of the livestock sector in Punjab.


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