Exclusive Update: Registration for PM Laptop Scheme For Youth 2024

Exclusive Update: Registration for PM Laptop Scheme For Youth 2024

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Registration for PM Laptop


The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024 aims to empower Pakistani students by providing them with free laptops to enhance their educational experience and promote digital literacy. Recently launched by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, this initiative targets students across universities, colleges, and technical institutes nationwide.

Registration Process and Portal

The registration process for the Prime Minister Laptop Program 2024 has commenced, facilitated through an online portal accessible at laptop.pmyp.gov.pk. Interested students, including those from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, can submit their applications online until March 23, 2024. This initiative is part of the government’s commitment to supporting education through digital empowerment.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the PM Laptop Scheme 2024, applicants must be currently enrolled students in recognized public educational institutions as identified by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Eligible candidates include undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, PhD, M.A./M.Sc, and MPhil students. Notably, students who have previously received laptops under federal or provincial schemes or are enrolled in private institutions are not eligible.

Registration Requirements

Students are required to complete and submit the registration form available on the HEC official website (hec.gov.pk). The registration must be completed online within the specified deadline, as there is no provision for walk-in applications.

Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Project Overview

Initially launched to distribute laptops to deserving students in public sector universities, the Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Program 2024 aims to bridge the digital divide and promote educational excellence across Pakistan. The program underscores the government’s commitment to integrating technology into educational institutions nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the PM Laptop Scheme?

The PM Laptop Scheme is a government initiative aimed at providing free laptops to eligible students to facilitate their educational pursuits and enhance digital inclusion.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

Eligibility extends to students enrolled in recognized public educational institutions across Pakistan, encompassing various academic levels from undergraduate to postgraduate studies.

How can I register for the scheme?

Students can register by filling out an online application form on the official PM Youth Program portal (laptop.pmyp.gov.pk) and submitting necessary documents as per the outlined requirements.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

The PM Laptop Scheme offers numerous benefits, including access to essential digital tools, improved educational outcomes, promotion of digital literacy, and fostering innovation among youth.

What are the latest updates for the scheme in 2024?

Updates for 2024 may include revised eligibility criteria, introduction of new laptop models, and streamlined registration processes to ensure greater accessibility and efficiency.


The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024 represents a significant stride towards enhancing educational standards and digital proficiency among Pakistani youth. By equipping students with free laptops, the government not only supports academic endeavors but also nurtures a technologically adept generation poised to contribute to national development. Stay informed about further developments and updates regarding the PM Laptop Scheme to seize this opportunity for educational empowerment in Pakistan.

Table: PM Laptop Scheme Details

Scheme NamePM Laptop Scheme 2024
Registration PeriodOpen now, deadline March 23, 2024
EligibilityCurrently enrolled in recognized public educational institutions
Application ProcessOnline via PM Youth Program portal (laptop.pmyp.gov.pk)
BenefitsFree laptops to enhance educational experience and digital literacy

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed information on the PM Laptop Scheme 2024 to make the most of this educational opportunity.


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