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Shocking News: BISP Payment Stoppage Key Information and Action Steps 2024

The BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) payments are currently paused due to administrative changes and the Eid holidays, which have delayed the processing of the new payment amounts. This guide will help you understand who will be affected, what steps to take to ensure your payments continue, and what changes to expect in the payment process.

Reasons for BISP Payment Stoppage

Administrative Changes and Eid Holidays

The pause in payments is primarily due to:

  • Administrative Changes: Updates in the payment system and eligibility reviews.
  • Eid Holidays: The holiday period has delayed the processing of payments.

Affected Individuals

Convicted Individuals

  • Permanent Loss of Payments: Individuals with convictions are likely to lose their payments permanently.

Eligibility Reviews

Duration of Payment Stoppage

The payment stoppage is temporary, expected to last until the new system is implemented. Payments are anticipated to resume on June 24.

Ensuring Continuation of Payments

Complete the BISP Survey

  • Visit the Nearest BISP Office: Ensure your details are up-to-date.
  • Bring Necessary Documents: ID card and utility bills (electricity or gas).
  • Answer the 63-Question Survey: Verify your eligibility by completing the survey.

Stay Updated

  • Official Announcements: Regularly check the BISP website or local government announcements for updates on payment dates and eligibility criteria.

Plan Ahead

  • Prepare for Delays: Budget your expenses to manage possible delays in payments.

Action Plan for Affected Families

Complete Required Survey

  1. Visit BISP Office: Nearest office location.
  2. Documentation: Bring ID card and utility bills.
  3. Survey: Complete the 63-question survey to verify eligibility.

Stay Informed

  • Updates: Regularly check the BISP website for updates on payment dates and changes.
  • Local Announcements: Pay attention to local government notifications.

Financial Planning

  • Budgeting: Plan your expenses to manage during the payment stoppage period.

Upcoming Changes in Payment Process

Campsite Payments

  • Distribution: Payments will be distributed at campsites during school and college holidays.

Retailer Payments

  • Post-Campsite: Once campsites close, payments will be shifted to authorized retailers and shopkeepers.

Quick Details Table

Payment Stoppage DateIn 9 days
New Payment Amount10,500 rupees
Expected Payment ResumptionJune 24
Reason for StoppageAdministrative changes, Eid holidays
Affected IndividualsConvicted individuals, families under review
Steps to Ensure ContinuationComplete survey, update documents
Survey RequirementsID card, utility bills, 63-question survey
Future Payment MethodsCampsite distributions, authorized retailers

By adhering to the guidelines provided and staying informed through official channels, families can manage the transition period effectively and continue receiving the necessary support from the BISP program.


The upcoming changes to BISP payments are significant and will affect many families. To ensure continued support, it is crucial to stay informed, complete the necessary surveys, and keep your documentation up-to-date. Mark your calendar with the important dates and take prompt action to avoid any disruption in your payments. Stay proactive and connected with the BISP office to navigate these changes smoothly and secure the financial assistance you need.

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