Sindh Government Announces in 2024-25 Budget Sindh Solar Scheme 2024

Sindh Government Announces in 2024-25 Budget Sindh Solar Scheme

The Sindh government has unveiled an ambitious plan to distribute free solar systems to 2.6 million households as part of its budget for the fiscal year 2024-25. This initiative is part of a broader push towards renewable energy, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change effects. The Chief Minister of Sindh announced a Rs 25 billion allocation over five years for this free solar initiative, aligning with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) policy of promoting clean energy.

Sindh Solar Scheme 2024

In addition to the free solar systems, the Sindh government plans to introduce subsidized solar panels to further promote solar energy adoption. An initial allocation of Rs 5 billion has been made for these solar projects. The scheme includes distributing 200,000 solar panels, with the government covering 80% of the cost. This initiative aims to provide electricity access to 500,000 households across Sindh.

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Solar Parks and Mini-Grid Stations

To enhance the quality of life for residents, the government plans to establish solar parks and mini-grid stations throughout the province, including in Karachi. These efforts are designed to bolster the overall infrastructure and ensure a stable electricity supply, particularly in underserved areas.

Free Electricity Units

The Sindh government also announced a provision of 100 units of free electricity to the public, a measure aimed at reducing the financial burden on low-income families. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to support the economically disadvantaged segments of society.

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Comprehensive Budget Provisions

The 2024-25 budget for Sindh includes several other significant allocations:

  • Mazdoor Card Program: This program is designed to support workers by providing various benefits.
  • Employee Salary Increases: The budget includes provisions for salary increases for government employees.
  • Sectoral Allocations: Significant funds have been allocated to various sectors, including agriculture, education, health, transport, and local government.

The total budget for the province is estimated at Rs 3.056 trillion, with substantial investments

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