Good News: BISP Call Center Launched For Poor People 2024

Good News: BISP Call Center Launched For Poor People 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has introduced a dedicated call center aimed at facilitating beneficiaries in registering complaints and accessing essential information regarding the program.BISP Call Center Launched For Poor People 2024 This initiative is designed to streamline the process, ensuring easy access to assistance and eligibility details from the comfort of one’s home.

Caution Against Fraudulent Activities

While the call center offers convenience, it’s crucial to remain vigilant against fraudulent messages and calls purportedly from the program. The official number of the call center should be the sole point of contact, as scammers may attempt to deceive individuals into believing false information. The primary objective of the call center is to provide accurate information and assistance, safeguarding beneficiaries from potential scams.

BISP Call Center Services

The BISP call center facilitates complaint registration and dissemination of cash-related information through the Up Center platform. Individuals who encounter difficulties in registering complaints online now have the option to do so via a designated mobile phone number. BISP Call Center Launched For Poor People 2024 However, repeated disqualification may render individuals ineligible for assistance. This revamped system aims to simplify the process for those in need, ensuring smoother access to financial aid and vital details.

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call center launched

A dedicated call center launched to specifically address inquiries and complaints from beneficiaries. This initiative, aimed at improving accessibility and communication, provides a toll-free number (080026477) to register complaints, ask questions about the program, and get help with issues. This is a significant development for the BISP program, offering a more convenient way for people to get the support they need.

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Procedure for Filing Complaints

To file a complaint through the BISP call center, individuals simply need to dial the provided mobile phone number. This straightforward process enhances accessibility and encourages beneficiaries to voice their concerns or seek clarification regarding their eligibility.

Features of the BISP Call Center

The BISP call center offers several features aimed at enhancing user experience and resolving complaints effectively:

  1. Accessibility from Home: Beneficiaries can now conveniently register complaints and seek assistance without the need to visit BISP offices, saving time and resources.
  2. Multilingual Support: The call center caters to beneficiaries from diverse linguistic backgrounds, ensuring language barriers do not hinder access to services.
  3. Trained Staff: Staffed by experienced professionals, the call center is equipped to address complaints and provide relevant assistance to beneficiaries.
  4. Secure and Confidential: BISP prioritizes the confidentiality and security of beneficiary information, fostering trust and confidence among users.


  1. What is the BISP Call Center?
    • The BISP Call Center is a dedicated platform for beneficiaries to register complaints and seek assistance regarding the Benazir Income Support Programme.
  2. How can I file a complaint using the BISP Call Center?
    • Beneficiaries can file complaints by calling the specified phone number or accessing the online portal during operating hours.
  3. Is the BISP Call Center accessible 24/7?
    • The BISP Call Center operates during specific hours to ensure immediate assistance to beneficiaries.
  4. Can I provide feedback on my experience with the BISP Call Center?
    • Yes, BISP welcomes feedback from beneficiaries to further enhance the effectiveness of the call center.


The BISP call center serves as a valuable resource for beneficiaries to clarify their eligibility status and access comprehensive program details. By following simple steps, individuals can verify their eligibility and obtain relevant information. This article provides a comprehensive guide on eligibility verification and accessing program details, offering reassurance and guidance to those seeking assistance.

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