CM Punjab Launches Punjab Citizen Centric Helpline 2024

CM Punjab Launches Punjab Citizen Centric Helpline 2024


In a significant stride towards enhancing citizen engagement and addressing public concerns, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz recently inaugurated a pioneering helpline dedicated to enabling citizens to lodge complaints and voice their issues effectively. This initiative was unveiled during a press conference that shed light on the Ramazan Nigahban Package, further underlining the government’s commitment to ensuring comprehensive support during Ramadan.

The Launch of the Helpline:

The highlight of this development is the launch of a specialized helpline, 0800-02345, which provides a direct avenue for citizens to connect with authorities and register their grievances related to the relief package. This move signifies a proactive approach by the government to foster transparency and accountability in governance.

Promoting Transparency and Rapid Solutions

During the announcement, CM Maryam emphasized the responsiveness of the helpline, assuring the public that their complaints would be addressed swiftly and efficiently. This platform aims to bridge the gap between citizens and administrative bodies, promising timely resolutions and improved services.

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Ramadan Bazaars:

Adding another layer of support, the Chief Minister unveiled plans to establish Ramadan bazaars across every district. These bazaars will serve as hubs where citizens can access essential items at discounted rates, easing financial burdens during the holy month.

Apni Chhat, Apna Ghar,

In her endeavors towards sustainable development, CM Maryam Nawaz outlined ambitious plans to construct one lac houses (100,000 houses) across Punjab. This initiative, named “Apni Chhat, Apna Ghar,” underscores the government’s commitment to providing affordable housing solutions for low-income families.

To realize this monumental goal, a detailed plan has been set in motion, with a directive to construct over 3,000 houses in each district dedicated to low-income families. The project prioritizes affordability by ensuring minimal down payments and manageable monthly installments, thus making homeownership accessible to a wider demographic.

The “Apni Chhat, Apna Ghar” project is not merely about construction but also emphasizes the provision of quality housing with a focus on sustainability and community development. Through this initiative, the government aims to uplift marginalized communities and enhance overall living standards across Punjab.


In conclusion, the launch of the citizen-centric helpline and the ambitious housing project spearheaded by CM Maryam Nawaz epitomize a vision for inclusive governance and sustainable development. These initiatives underscore a commitment to fostering transparency, accessibility, and socio-economic empowerment. By bridging the gap between governance and grassroots, Punjab is poised to witness tangible improvements in citizen welfare and community development.

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