Punjab's Free Motorbike Scheme for Girls Check Now Update 2024

Punjab’s Free Motorbike Scheme for Girls Check Now Update 2024


In a groundbreaking announcement at the Chief Minister Pink Games closing ceremony, Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz unveiled an ambitious initiative aimed at empowering young women across the province: a free motorbike scheme for girls. This initiative seeks to provide greater mobility and independence to girls, urging parents to trust and encourage their daughters to embrace motorbike usage.

Scheme for Girls Check Now Update 2024

The event marked the launch of this transformative scheme, reinforcing the commitment of the Punjab government towards gender inclusivity and youth empowerment. CM Maryam Nawaz emphasized the importance of enabling young women to navigate their daily lives with confidence and autonomy.

Strengthening Sports and Youth Development

During the ceremony, CM Maryam Nawaz applauded the achievements of women athletes and highlighted the pivotal role of sports in fostering talent and promoting health and well-being. She announced the appointment of a dynamic Sports Minister tasked with expanding the scope of the Pink Games initiative province-wide. Additionally, the upcoming Punjab League promises to engage over a million participants, further amplifying the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

Shahdara Metro Bus Station Remodeling

In a separate endeavor aimed at enhancing public transportation, CM Maryam Nawaz inaugurated the remodeling project of the Shahdara metro bus station. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to modernizing infrastructure and improving connectivity for residents.

The Chief Minister’s Youth Initiative

The recently launched Chief Minister’s Youth Initiative signifies a significant milestone in Punjab’s commitment to youth development. Under this initiative, 20,000 motorcycles will be distributed to students across degree colleges and universities, providing them with essential means of transportation. This scheme includes both petrol and electric bikes, offered under favorable interest-free terms.

However, recent updates indicate a shift in focus, with the government opting to prioritize fuel-powered motorbikes over electric ones due to logistical considerations. This decision aims to address concerns regarding bike features, battery theft, and mileage efficiency.

Celebrating Women in Sports

At the inaugural Chief Minister Pink Games, Lahore College for Women University emerged victorious, showcasing exceptional sportsmanship and talent. CM Maryam Nawaz’s commendation of the winning team exemplifies the government’s commitment to promoting gender equality and fostering sporting excellence.

The Future of Punjab League

The announcement of the Punjab League represents a paradigm shift in grassroots sports development. This league promises to be a platform for aspiring athletes, enabling them to showcase their skills and passion on a grand stage.

A Shift Towards Fuel-Powered Bikes

While the initial plan included electric bikes, the revised strategy underscores the importance of practicality and sustainability. By focusing on fuel-powered motorcycles, the government aims to ensure accessibility and reliability for student beneficiaries.


1. Who is eligible for the free motorbike scheme?

The free motorbike scheme targets female students enrolled in degree colleges and universities across Punjab.

2. What are the terms of the Chief Minister’s Youth Initiative?

Under this initiative, eligible students can obtain motorcycles through interest-free schemes, facilitating easier access to transportation.

3. Why was the electric bike proposal canceled?

The decision to shift towards fuel-powered bikes was driven by concerns over battery theft and the need for a more reliable and accessible mode of transportation.

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