Ghee prices drop at utility stores; Check latest rates here

Ghee prices drop at utility stores; Check latest rates here 2024

In a bid to alleviate the burden of inflation, Pakistan’s Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has announced a significant reduction in the prices of ghee across the nation. This move aims to provide relief to both general consumers and families registered under the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). Here’s a detailed summary of the recent developments, including price adjustments and market comparisons.

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Ghee prices drop at utility stores; Check latest rates here

  • The USC has lowered the price of ghee by Rs 18 per kg, effective nationwide.
  • For BISP beneficiaries, the subsidized ghee will now cost Rs 375 per kg, down from Rs 393.
  • Common consumers will also benefit from reduced prices, with ghee now available at Rs 445 per kg, compared to the previous Rs 463

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Market Discrepancies:

  • Prior to this reduction, USC outlets were criticized for charging significantly higher prices compared to the open market.
  • For instance, a 20-kg bag of flour was being sold at USC outlets for Rs 2,840, whereas it was available in markets for Rs 1,980, reflecting a difference of Rs 860.
  • Similar disparities were observed in the prices of sella rice and sugar, prompting public scrutiny of the government and USC management.

Cooking Oil Prices:

Here’s a snapshot of cooking oil prices in Pakistan for various brands and volumes:

Dalda1KGRs 690
Habib1KGRs 690
Meezan1KGRs 580
Dalda3KGRs 2049
Habib3KGRs 1950
Meezan3KGRs 100
Dalda5KGRs 3350
Habib5KGRs 3450
Meezan5KGRs 4550
Dalda10KGRs 6800
Meezan10KGRs 7950

Quick Details on Cooking Oil Prices (2024):

  • Prices range from Rs 580 to Rs 7950 for various brands and volumes.
  • Notable brands include Dalda, Habib, and Meezan, offering different package sizes to cater to diverse consumer needs.
  • Cooking oil prices reflect the dynamics of market demand, supply, and brand preferences in Pakistan.


The reduction in ghee prices by the USC is a welcome step amidst rising concerns over inflation in Pakistan. However, discrepancies between USC prices and those in the open market underscore the need for transparent pricing mechanisms. Additionally, the overview of cooking oil prices provides insights into the broader landscape of consumer goods affordability in the country. Moving forward, ensuring equitable access to essential commodities remains imperative for socioeconomic stability and public welfare

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