How to Register for Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme 2024 Check Eligibility

How to Register for Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme 2024 Check Eligibility

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How to Register for Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme 2024 Check Eligibility

The Government of Punjab, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, has unveiled the Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme 2024, offering a groundbreaking opportunity for needy, poor, and low-income families in Punjab to own homes. With a zero interest rate, this scheme aims to alleviate housing concerns and provide shelter to those in need. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the scheme’s key details, including registration procedures and eligibility criteria.

Apna Ghar Scheme 2024 Check Eligibility

The official application process for the Apni Chhat Apna Ghar scheme in 2024 hasn’t been announced yet. While details are still being finalized, sources suggest the program will target low-income families in Punjab who haven’t owned property before and have a monthly household income of 50,000 PKR or less. Stay tuned to official government channels for updates on eligibility requirements, application procedures, and deadlines.

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Scheme Details

Scheme NameApni Chat Apna Ghar Scheme 2024
Launched ByGovernment Of Punjab
Purpose of SchemeProviding homes to needy families
Number of Houses to Be Built100,000
Homes Under Construction50,000
Repayment MethodVia Installment
Monthly InstallmentPKR 26,000
Installment Duration5 Years
Interest Rate (Markup)0%
Govt Subsidy60%
Who Can ApplyResidents of Punjab with income less than Rs 60,000 per month

Purpose of the Scheme

How to Register for Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme Check Eligibility

The primary objective of the Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme 2024 is to address the housing needs of the vulnerable segments of Punjab’s population by offering affordable housing options. With a focus on providing homes to the needy, poor, and low-income families, the scheme aims to ensure access to safe and secure shelter for all residents.A pilot project for this scheme has been started on the special instructions of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. But till now, the government has not introduced any kind of registration procedure for the scheme, but it is hoped that the registration procedure for the scheme will be introduced within the next few days. According to a news agency, applications for this scheme can be submitted by going to Punjab Bank branches. But it is not appropriate to do any kind of thing in this regard now. As soon as the registration procedure is introduced, you will get to see the complete details on the same website. After which, you will be able to complete your registration very easily by completing a few simple steps.

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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the scheme, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria set by the Government of Punjab:

  1. Residency: Applicants must be residents of Punjab.
  2. Income: Monthly income should not exceed Rs 60,000.
  3. Employment Status: Both government employees and unemployed individuals with low income are eligible.
  4. Homelessness: Homeless residents of Punjab are encouraged to apply.
  5. Poverty Line: Applicants must fall below the poverty line.
  6. Standards: Candidates must meet the standards established by the Government of Punjab.
  7. Identification: A valid computerized national identity card (CNIC) is mandatory.
  8. Family Application: Only one application per family is permitted.

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Registration Process

The registration process for the Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme 2024 is straightforward:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria before proceeding with registration.
  2. Visit Official Website: Access the official website of the Government of Punjab at for registration.
  3. Complete Registration Form: Fill out the online registration form with accurate personal and financial details.
  4. Submit Documents: Upload scanned copies of required documents, including CNIC and proof of income.
  5. Wait for Confirmation: After submission, wait for confirmation of your registration status.
  6. Payment Procedure: Upon approval, follow instructions for payment, including the required downpayment and installment plan.
  7. Monitor Progress: Keep track of your application status and construction progress through regular updates from the authorities.


The Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme 2024 represents a significant step towards achieving housing security for Punjab’s residents. By providing homes at affordable rates and zero-interest rates, the scheme addresses the pressing need for shelter among vulnerable communities. Through a transparent and accessible registration process, eligible individuals can secure their future and ensure access to safe and secure housing. This scheme underscores the government’s commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents of Punjab.

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