JDC Confirms Chicken Infectious Diseases in Pakistan (2024)

JDC Confirms Chicken Infectious Diseases in Pakistan (2024)

JDC Confirms Chicken Infectious Diseases in Pakistan

JDC Confirms Chicken Infectious Diseases in Pakistan Pakistan is renowned for its rich culinary culture, with chicken dishes such as Biryani, Nihari, Chargha, and BBQ being staple favorites across the nation. The preference for chicken over other meats has led to significant investment in poultry farms, which have become lucrative ventures for many investors. However, the pursuit of profit sometimes overshadows the importance of food safety. This was evident during past outbreaks of bird flu, where unfit chicken meat was sold, adversely affecting consumer health and causing widespread economic impact due to the death of numerous chickens and subsequent market shortages.Also Read:Applying for Kisan Card Online in Pakistan

JDC Confirms Chicken Infectious Diseases in Pakistan
JDC Confirms Chicken Infectious Diseases in Pakistan

Recent Illnesses in Poultry Farms

Symptoms and Spread of the Disease

JDC Confirms Chicken Infectious Diseases in Pakistan Recent social media posts have highlighted a new illness affecting chickens. According to an investigation by Zafar Abbas, a poultry farm caretaker described the disease as beginning with swelling around the chickens’ eyes. This swelling gradually increases, eventually restricting airflow and causing respiratory failure and death within a week.

Call for Transparency and Consumer Safety

Zafar Abbas has urged poultry farm owners and experts to issue a warning regarding this new illness, especially if it poses a risk to human health. He emphasized the need for transparency to ensure consumer safety and to alleviate public concern. This appeal highlights the ethical responsibility of poultry businesses to prioritize consumer health over profits.Also Read:11 Cities in Punjab to Get Free Public Wi-Fi

Role of JDC Foundation

JDC Confirms Chicken Infectious Diseases in Pakistan The JDC Foundation, which uses large quantities of chicken for its free meal programs, has also expressed concern. They emphasize the importance of providing safe, healthy food to those who rely on their services. The foundation seeks accurate information about the fitness of the chicken to ensure the well-being of their beneficiaries.

Importance of Public Awareness and Education

Ensuring timely and accurate information dissemination is crucial to preventing unnecessary illnesses and fostering a supportive environment. Public awareness campaigns and transparent communication from poultry farm owners can help mitigate the risks associated with consuming potentially unsafe chicken.

Quick Details

Common Chicken DishesBiryani, Nihari, Chargha, BBQ
New Illness SymptomsSwelling of eyes, restricted airflow, respiratory failure, death within a week
Previous Disease ImpactBird flu caused mass chicken deaths and market shortages
Consumer ConcernNeed for transparency on health risks and chicken fitness
JDC FoundationUses chicken for free meals, emphasizes need for healthy food


What is the new illness affecting chickens in Pakistan?

The new illness starts with swelling around the chickens’ eyes, leading to respiratory issues and death within a week.

How has this illness impacted the poultry industry?

The disease has led to closures of several poultry farms and raised concerns about the safety of chicken meat for consumers.

What is Zafar Abbas’s role in addressing this issue?

Zafar Abbas investigated the disease and urged poultry farm owners to be transparent about the health risks to consumers.

How does the JDC Foundation use chicken in its programs?

The JDC Foundation uses chicken in meals provided through free dastarkhwan, iftars, sehris, mobile restaurants, and ration packages.

What steps can be taken to ensure public safety regarding this chicken illness?

Public awareness campaigns, transparent communication from poultry farms, and adherence to safety protocols can help mitigate risks.


Addressing the spread of infectious diseases in chickens is critical to maintaining public health and confidence in poultry products. Transparency from poultry farms and timely information dissemination can help protect consumers and support the efforts of organizations like the JDC Foundation in providing safe and nutritious food.

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