Good News: Maryam Ki Dastak’ program registration begins in Punjab; Here’s how to apply online - Bisp 8171 NewsGood News: Maryam Ki Dastak’ program registration begins in Punjab; Here’s how to apply online

Good News: Maryam Ki Dastak’ program registration begins in Punjab; Here’s how to apply online

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Maryam Ki Dastak’:

In July 2024, the Punjab government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, initiated the registration process for ‘Dastak representatives’ as part of the ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ program. This innovative initiative aims to revolutionize service delivery across the province through the utilization of a centralized mobile application.

Objectives and Scope of ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ Program

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has articulated that the primary objective of the ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ program is to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of public services for all citizens in Punjab. The program’s scope is slated for expansion to encompass all districts in the upcoming months, with plans underway to integrate additional services progressively. Emphasizing its potential to combat corruption within government offices, Maryam Nawaz highlighted the program’s role in bringing essential services directly to people’s doorsteps. Furthermore, the initiative underscores Punjab’s strides in the digital age, leveraging advancements in IT and AI technologies to elevate standards in public service delivery.

Application Process for ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’

To facilitate seamless participation, the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has developed the ‘Dastak Facilitators App’. This application serves as the primary platform for individuals interested in becoming facilitators under the ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ initiative. Prospective facilitators can initiate their application process by scanning QR codes available in promotional materials or by visiting the official website at

Overview of ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ Online Services

The ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ program offers a comprehensive array of essential services through its dedicated mobile application:

  • Issuance of Certificates: Includes domicile certificates, e-stamping, birth, death, and marriage certificates.
  • Tax and Vehicle Services: Streamlines processes such as property tax payments, token tax payments, motor vehicle registrations, and vehicle transfers, aiming to simplify bureaucratic procedures for residents across Punjab.
  • District-Wide Implementation: In alignment with directives from the Punjab Chief Minister, efforts are underway to launch the ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ app services across all districts of the province, ensuring equitable access to enhanced governmental services.

Employment Opportunities under ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ Program

Anticipated to generate substantial employment opportunities in 2024, the ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ program has established specific criteria for prospective facilitators:

  • Minimum Education: Intermediate qualification.
  • Technological Requirements: Must possess a mobile phone with internet access.
  • Clearance Certificate: Mandatory clearance from local police stations.
  • Transportation Necessities: Requires possession of a personal motorbike and a valid driving license.
  • Training Program: Upon meeting initial eligibility criteria, facilitators will undergo comprehensive training to prepare for their roles in service delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are responses to common queries related to the ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ program:

  • How to Apply for Facilitator Roles?
  • Utilize the ‘Dastak Facilitators Mobile App’ or visit for detailed application procedures.
  • What Services are Available Online?
  • Includes issuance of various certificates and streamlined processing of tax and vehicle-related services.
  • What are the Eligibility Criteria for Jobs?
  • Requires intermediate education, access to internet-enabled mobile phones, police clearance, and ownership of personal motorbikes with valid driving licenses.
  • Where to Find More Information?
  • Detailed information regarding application processes and program specifics can be accessed through the official website and mobile app provided by the Punjab government.


The ‘Maryam Ki Dastak’ program exemplifies Punjab’s commitment to modernizing governance and enhancing public service accessibility through innovative digital solutions. By consolidating multiple services into a user-friendly mobile application, the initiative aims to empower citizens, reduce bureaucratic inefficiencies, and foster transparency in administrative processes. For individuals interested in contributing to this transformative initiative or benefiting from its streamlined services, comprehensive guidelines and resources are readily accessible through official channels provided by the Punjab government

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