Latest News: New Installment 10500 Start Again June 2024 - Bisp 8171 News

Latest News: New Installment 10500 Start Again June 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is a critical lifeline for Pakistan’s most vulnerable families. It provides financial assistance to help them meet their basic needs and escape the cycle of poverty. Here’s a detailed overview of the program, including eligibility requirements, the application process, payment details, and the latest updates.

Basic Requirements for BISP

To qualify for the BISP, applicants must meet specific criteria. Here are the essential steps and requirements:

Application Process

  1. Visit Tehsil Office: Needy individuals should visit their nearest tehsil office to collect the application form and ensure their registration.
  2. Online Status Check: Applicants can check their eligibility status online through the Government of Pakistan’s portal, simplifying the process.
  3. Helpline Assistance: For clarification on eligibility, individuals can contact the BISP helpline and present their National Identity Card for assistance.

Quick Details

Application ProcessVisit the nearest tehsil office for application forms and registration.
Online Status CheckCheck eligibility status online via the Government of Pakistan’s portal.
Helpline AssistanceContact the BISP helpline with a National Identity Card for eligibility clarification.

BISP New Payment Registration

The BISP provides quarterly payments to low-income families, helping them meet their basic needs. Here are the details:

Registration Process

  • Payment Amount: The program offers a payment of 10,500 PKR upon registration, providing financial support to eligible families.
  • Registration Assistance: Tehsil offices and representatives across the country facilitate the registration process, ensuring accessibility for all.
  • Inclusion of Ineligible: Individuals initially deemed ineligible can participate by completing a survey, potentially being included in the beneficiary list.

Quick Details

Payment Amount10,500 PKR per registration.
Registration AssistanceTehsil offices and representatives facilitate the process nationwide.
Inclusion of IneligibleComplete a survey for potential inclusion in the beneficiary list.

Tehsil Office Benazir New Update

To better support beneficiary families, the Government of Pakistan has established over 600 Tehsil Offices nationwide. These offices provide immediate assistance and address concerns effectively.

Support Services

  • Complaint Resolution: Families facing issues with online eligibility checks can visit their nearest Tehsil Office to register complaints and seek resolution.
  • Survey Completion: Completing the Dynamics survey is crucial for continued assistance, ensuring households meet program criteria and receive payments promptly.

Quick Details

Complaint ResolutionVisit Tehsil Office for issues with online eligibility checks and to register complaints.
Survey CompletionComplete the Dynamics survey for continued assistance and prompt payments.

BISP Ehsaas Payment Start – February 23 Update

As families await the next installment, here are the latest updates:

Payment Release

  • Scheduled Release: The government has scheduled the release of the Ehsaas program’s new installment from February 23, considering inflationary factors.
  • Biometric Verification: Payments can be collected from Tehsil Offices after completing biometric verification, ensuring a seamless process for beneficiaries.

Quick Details

Scheduled ReleaseEhsaas program’s new installment release starting from February 23.
Biometric VerificationPayments to be collected from Tehsil Offices after completing biometric verification.


By following the outlined procedures and utilizing the available resources, eligible families can access the much-needed financial support through the BISP. This program plays a crucial role in alleviating economic hardships and fostering socioeconomic stability for Pakistan’s most vulnerable populations.

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