Pakistan Utility Store Price List Today 2024

Pakistan Utility Store Price List Today 2024

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Pakistan Utility Store Price List Today

The Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan plays a critical role in the nation’s consumer market by ensuring that essential goods remain affordable and accessible. With the prices of everyday necessities fluctuating daily, it is essential for households to stay updated on the latest price lists to manage their budgets effectively. Additionally, the Corporation’s Ramadan Relief Package provides significant assistance to Pakistani citizens during times of increased expenditure. This article delves into the 2024 price list of utility stores and highlights the special relief provided during Ramadan.Pakistan Utility Store Price List Today.Also Read:Applying for Kisan Card Online in Pakistan

Current Price List at Utility Stores

Pakistan Utility Store Price List Today Navigating fluctuating commodity prices is a daily challenge for individuals and families in Pakistan. The utility stores offer a range of items, with prices varying between Rs 95 and Rs 2,250. These items include staple foods, household essentials, and other necessary goods. The following table provides a quick overview of some of the current prices for key items available at utility stores:

ItemPrice (Rs)
Wheat Flour (20 kg)1,500
Sugar (1 kg)95
Cooking Oil (5 liters)2,250
Rice (Basmati 5 kg)1,200
Lentils (1 kg)250
Tea (200 gm)450
Milk (1 liter)150
Pakistan Utility Store Price List Today
Pakistan Utility Store Price List Today

Ramadan Relief Package

Pakistan Utility Store Price List Today The Ramadan Relief Package is an initiative by the Utility Stores Corporation to provide additional support to Pakistani citizens during the holy month of Ramadan when household expenditures typically increase. This package includes significant discounts on a variety of essential items, making it easier for families to afford their daily needs during this period.Also Read: The most recent withdrawal method for Benazir Kafalat 12500 is Jazzcash 2024

Key Items in the Ramadan Relief Package

  • Wheat Flour: Offered at subsidized rates to ensure that families can prepare their traditional meals without financial strain.
  • Sugar: Available at reduced prices to support the increased consumption during Ramadan.
  • Cooking Oil: Offered at a discount, acknowledging its vital role in meal preparation.
  • Rice and Lentils: Essential staples that see a significant price cut to aid in meal planning and preparation.
  • Tea and Milk: Key items for Iftar and Suhoor are made more affordable to support daily fasting routines.

Managing Household Budgets

Staying informed about the latest prices at utility stores is crucial for effective budget management. With prices fluctuating, having a clear understanding of current rates helps households plan their expenditures more efficiently. The table provided offers a snapshot of current prices, but consumers should regularly check for updates to ensure they have the latest information.


What is the Utility Stores Corporation? The Utility Stores Corporation is a government-owned chain of stores in Pakistan that aims to provide essential goods at subsidized rates to support the country’s low- and middle-income families.

Why do prices at utility stores fluctuate? Prices fluctuate due to changes in supply and demand, seasonal variations, and market conditions. The government also adjusts prices to align with economic policies and inflation rates.

How often is the price list updated? The price list is updated frequently, often daily, to reflect current market conditions and ensure that consumers have access to the most accurate pricing information.

What is included in the Ramadan Relief Package? The package includes essential food items like wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, rice, lentils, tea, and milk, offered at subsidized rates to support increased household expenditure during Ramadan.

How can I stay updated on the latest prices? Consumers can stay informed by regularly visiting the official Utility Stores Corporation website, subscribing to updates, or visiting their local utility store for the latest information.

Final Word

The Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan is a vital resource for managing household budgets, especially in times of economic uncertainty. By staying informed about the latest prices and taking advantage of the Ramadan Relief Package, families can ensure they have access to essential goods without undue financial stress. Regular updates and efficient planning are key to navigating the fluctuating prices of everyday necessities.

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