Good News: Punjab Govt Has Not Cancelled Electric Bike Scheme 2024 

Good News: Punjab Govt Has Not Cancelled Electric Bike Scheme 2024 


In response to misleading reports circulating through various media outlets, the Punjab government has unequivocally clarified that the highly anticipated electric bike scheme has not been canceled. Contrary to false claims, the provincial government remains fully committed to the initiative and has completed the application process. E-balloting for the scheme is scheduled to take place in the coming week.

Electric Bike Scheme 2024 

Despite earlier rumors, the Punjab government has confirmed that the Electric Bike Scheme 2024 is still on. They say reports of cancellation are false. Applications closed, and the selection process, including verification and e-balloting, is underway.

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Clarification on Scheme Status

Government officials have dismissed erroneous claims regarding the cancellation of the electric bike scheme, emphasizing that such reports are baseless. The application phase has concluded, with a substantial number of applications received and currently undergoing verification.

Application Statistics and Progress

As of the deadline on May 1, 2024, a total of 15,210 applications for e-bikes have been submitted to the Punjab government. The verification process is underway to ensure the integrity and eligibility of applicants.

Debunking Earlier Misinformation

Initial reports circulating in the media suggested a shift in government plans related to promoting eco-friendly transportation. Allegedly, concerns over battery theft and low mileage prompted a change in strategy, including the purported distribution of conventional petrol-powered motorcycles on easy and interest-free installments.

Bike Scheme for Students

In a separate initiative aimed at university students, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif launched a program offering 20,000 bikes, comprising both electric and petrol variants.

Distribution Plan

  • Total Bikes: The government plans to distribute a total of 20,000 bikes, including 1,000 electric bikes and 19,000 petrol bikes.
  • Interest-Free Installments: Students will benefit from interest-free monthly installments, easing the financial burden associated with bike ownership.
  • Partnership with Bank of Punjab (BOP): The government has partnered with the Bank of Punjab to facilitate the distribution process through manageable installment plans.

Delivery and Transparency

To ensure transparency and fairness, a draw is scheduled for May to determine the distribution of bikes among eligible students.

Quotas for Urban and Rural Areas

  • Urban Areas: Bikes will be evenly split between male and female students.
  • Rural Areas: A quota system allocates 70% of bikes to male students and 30% to female students, reflecting regional demographics.

Initiative for Teachers’ Commute

In addition to student-focused efforts, there is an ongoing initiative aimed at assisting teachers with their daily commute. This initiative aims to provide convenience and reliability for educators across Punjab.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the electric bike scheme cancelled?

No, the Punjab government has clarified that the electric bike scheme is not cancelled. The application process has been completed, and e-balloting will commence soon.

How many applications were received for e-bikes?

A total of 15,210 applications for e-bikes were received by the Punjab government until the closing date of May 1, 2024.

What is the installment plan for bike distribution?

The monthly installment for electric bikes is Rs. 10,000, while for petrol bikes, it’s Rs. 5,000. These installments are interest-free.

How will the bikes be distributed among students?

Transparency is ensured through a draw scheduled in May to allocate bikes among eligible students, with specific quotas for urban and rural areas.

What about the initiative for university students?

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif initiated a program offering 20,000 bikes (electric and petrol) to university students, facilitating their transportation needs with affordable and accessible options.

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