Punjab serious about investing in solar energy 2024

Punjab serious about investing in solar energy

Punjab’s Industry and Commerce Minister, Shafay Hussain, has stated the government’s commitment to manufacturing solar panels locally. In a recent meeting with a delegation from a Chinese solar company, discussions were held regarding the establishment of a solar panel manufacturing plant in Punjab.

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Punjab is making significant strides in solar energy investment, with the state achieving an installed solar capacity of 1,118 MW. Over the past four years, Punjab generated over 6,034 million units of solar power, the highest in northern India. The state has also introduced advanced technologies, like the satellite-controlled single-axis tracking system, which increases energy production by 8%.

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Punjab serious about investing in solar energy

During the meeting, Minister Shafay Hussain highlighted the opportunities and benefits for the Chinese company if they choose to invest in the solar energy sector in Punjab.He assured the delegation that the government would provide full support and facilitate their investment efforts. The minister acknowledged the interest shown by various foreign solar companies in investing in

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 Punjab, Solar System Price in Punjab

Wonder what is the price of solar panel systems in Punjab after subsidy? Contacting an established solar provider for a tailored quotation is the safest way to determine the upfront solar investment for your home. The solar firm will give you advice on the best RTS capacity to fulfil your power needs and will also guide you on 1kW-10kW solar system prices in Punjab. The prices may vary depending on the technical and financial characteristics of your property and your annual electricity needs.

Here is an illustration of the pricing range of 1kW to 10kW solar panels in Punjab. It’s crucial to remember that a number of variables dictate your solar investment. These include the kind, size, and composition of the solar panels, the type of solar system you choose, and the design of the module mounting structure used.

Solar System SizeEstimated Price Range
1kW Solar SystemRs.75,000-Rs.85,000
2kW Solar SystemRs.1,50,000-Rs.1,70,000
3kW Solar SystemRs.1,89,000-Rs. 2,15,000
4kW Solar SystemRs.2,52,000-Rs.2,85,600
5kW Solar SystemRs.3,15,000-Rs.3,57,000
6kW Solar SystemRs.3,72,000-Rs.4,26,000
8kW Solar SystemRs.4,64,000-Rs.5,28,000
10kW Solar SystemRs. 5,30,000-Rs. 6,10,000

Final word

The majority of states have unlimited access to sunshine without any restrictions. High-efficiency solar panels offer daily energy production of energy for a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years, after which they give less and less power. Solar is a one-time investment that promises decades of inexpensive power supply.Your monthly grid demand can be significantly reduced or perhaps completely eliminated using solar energy. Your system’s solar energy output exceeds the daily electricity needs of your home during peak sun hours. The extra energy produced is transferred to the local grid in exchange for solar credits. These savings can eclipse your initial solar panel price in Punjab for home in just 6-8 years and offer incredible returns throughout the system’s lifespan.

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