Qaumi Sehat Card 2024 Check Online | Sehat Sahulat Program

Qaumi Sehat Card 2024 Check Online | Sehat Sahulat Program

The Sehat Sahulat Program, initiated by the Government of Pakistan, aims to provide free health insurance coverage to families across different cities through the Qaumi Sehat Card. This program enables families to access treatment for various diseases up to a value of 1 million PKR, significantly enhancing healthcare accessibility.

How to Check Sehat Card Online

To determine eligibility and check the status of the Sehat Card, individuals can use the following methods:

  1. Online Verification:
  2. SMS Method:
    • Send your CNIC to 8500.
    • You will receive a message informing you of your eligibility status.

Sehat Card Registration Process

To register for the Sehat Card:

  1. Online Registration:
    • Visit the official website and verify eligibility by entering your CNIC and an image code.
  2. SMS Registration:
    • Send your CNIC to 8500 to receive eligibility information via SMS.

Sehat Sahulat Card Hospitals

The Sehat Sahulat Card is accepted at various hospitals across Pakistan, including notable institutions like Jinnah Hospital Lahore, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, Civil Hospital Karachi, and others (see full list above).

Eligibility Requirements for Ehsaas Sahat Card

To enroll in the program, applicants must possess:

Benefits of the Sehat Sahulat Program

The Sehat Sahulat Program is a transformative initiative that extends beyond mere financial assistance. It alleviates the burden of medical expenses, empowers individuals and families to prioritize their health, and contributes to the overall well-being of the Pakistani population.

Sehat Insaf Card Diseases Covered

The Sehat Insaf Card covers a wide range of medical conditions, including heart diseases, kidney and liver ailments, diabetes, cancer, neurological disorders, injuries, mental health issues, and more.


How do I check my eligibility for the Sehat Card?

You can check eligibility online by visiting the official website or by sending your CNIC to 8500 via SMS.

What documents are required for Sehat Card registration?

You will need your survey form number, National Identity Card, and B-form for children to register for the Sehat Card.

Which hospitals accept the Sehat Sahulat Card?

Notable hospitals accepting the card include Jinnah Hospital Lahore, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, and Civil Hospital Karachi, among others.

What medical conditions are covered by the Sehat Insaf Card?

The card covers a broad spectrum of diseases ranging from heart and kidney ailments to mental health disorders and women’s health issues.

Final Word

The Sehat Sahulat Program in Pakistan, facilitated through the Qaumi Sehat Card, is a significant initiative by the government to enhance healthcare accessibility for families in need. The program’s online verification and registration methods, coupled with its extensive hospital network and comprehensive disease coverage, ensure that eligible individuals can receive essential medical treatment without financial burden.

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