Exciting News: These three types of families are always eligible | BISP dynamic Registry and Janch Partial 2024

Exciting News: These three types of families are always eligible | BISP dynamic Registry and Janch Partial 2024

BISP Dynamic Registry


The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) in Pakistan plays a crucial role in providing financial assistance to vulnerable families. Central to this initiative are the BISP Dynamic Registry and the Janch Partial process, which ensure targeted support reaches those in need.

BISP Dynamic Registry

What is the BISP Dynamic Registry?

The BISP Dynamic Registry is a continuously updated database tracking socio-economic conditions of households across Pakistan. Its main goals include maintaining accurate data, facilitating financial aid distribution, and evaluating program impact.

Types of Eligible Families
  1. Families Living Below the Poverty Line
    • These families struggle with basic needs and qualify based on income levels below the government-defined poverty threshold.
  2. Households Headed by Women
    • Prioritizes households where women are primary earners or heads, including widows, single mothers, and abandoned women.
  3. Families with Disabled Members
    • Families with one or more disabled members face added financial strain and qualify for assistance.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Requirements: Pakistani citizenship, residency in designated poverty areas, and meeting specific income criteria.
  • Documents: CNIC, income certificate, bank statements, and disability certificates (if applicable).
Application Process
Online Application
  1. Visit the official BISP website.
  2. Register or log in.
  3. Fill out the application form and upload documents.
  4. Submit and note the reference number for tracking.
Offline Application
  1. Obtain forms from BISP offices or download from the website.
  2. Complete the form and attach required documents.
  3. Submit at a nearby BISP office.

BISP Janch Partial Process

What is Janch Partial?

Janch Partial involves verification by BISP officials to confirm applicant eligibility through home visits and document checks.

Verification Steps
  1. Initial application review.
  2. Home visit by a BISP representative.
  3. Document verification and assessment.
  4. Final approval and inclusion in the BISP Dynamic Registry.
Checking Eligibility Status
  • Online: Visit BISP website and enter CNIC to check status.
  • SMS: Send CNIC to 8171 for eligibility confirmation.

Benefits of BISP Registry

  • Financial Assistance: Regular stipends help meet basic needs.
  • Access to Programs: Eligibility for healthcare and education subsidies.
  • Payment Methods: Bank transfers, mobile wallets (Jazz Cash, Easypaisa), and ATM withdrawals provide convenient access to funds.


The BISP Dynamic Registry and Janch Partial processes are pivotal in ensuring effective delivery of financial aid to Pakistan’s vulnerable families. Continual updates and rigorous verification help target assistance where it is most needed.

Quick Details Table

BISP Dynamic RegistryContinuously updated database tracking socio-economic status.
Eligible FamiliesFamilies below poverty line, households led by women, families with disabled members.
Eligibility CriteriaPakistani citizenship, residency in designated areas, meeting income criteria.
Application ProcessOnline: Register, fill form, upload documents. Offline: Obtain, fill, submit forms.
Janch Partial ProcessVerification through home visits and document checks by BISP officials.
BenefitsFinancial assistance, access to additional government programs, multiple payment methods.
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  1. How can I apply for the BISP program?
    • Apply online via the official BISP website or offline at designated offices.
  2. Who is eligible for the BISP program?
    • Families below the poverty line, households led by women, families with disabled members.
  3. What documents are required to apply for BISP?
    • CNIC, income proof, disability certificates (if applicable).
  4. How can I check my eligibility status?
    • Online through the BISP website or via SMS to 8171 with your CNIC.
  5. What is the Janch Partial process?
    • Verification process involving home visits and document checks by BISP officials.

This summary provides a comprehensive overview of the BISP Dynamic Registry and Janch Partial processes, emphasizing their importance in supporting vulnerable families across Pakistan.

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