Latest Update: CM Punjab e Rickshaw Scheme | July 2024 – Apply Now!

 Latest Update: CM Punjab e Rickshaw Scheme | July 2024 – Apply Now!

 e Rickshaw Scheme 

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has introduced the e-Rickshaw Scheme 2024 as part of her government’s efforts to alleviate unemployment and provide sustainable livelihoods in the face of ongoing economic challenges in Pakistan. Building on the success of previous initiatives like the Bike Scheme 2024, this program aims to distribute 25,000 e-rickshaws to 26,000 unemployed individuals across Punjab.

Basic Purpose of Punjab e Rickshaw Scheme July 2024

The primary goal of the Punjab e Rickshaw Scheme 2024 is to empower unemployed Pakistanis by offering them the opportunity to earn a living. In a country grappling with inflation and rising costs of living, this initiative seeks to be a cornerstone in poverty alleviation efforts. By providing these e-rickshaws, the government aims to support families who struggle to make ends meet amidst economic hardships.

Eligibility Criteria for Punjab e Rickshaw Scheme 2024

To qualify for the e Rickshaw Scheme under the Ehsaas Program and BISP, instituted by CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Possession of a National Identity Card as proof of citizenship.
  • Domicile of Punjab.
  • Government employees must have an income below PKR 60,000.
  • Verification through a witness may be required during the allocation process.
  • Age between 18 to 45 years.
  • Possession of a valid driving license for rickshaw driving.
  • No previous benefit from similar government schemes.

How to Get Registered

Registration for the Punjab e Rickshaw Scheme will be facilitated through an online portal soon to be launched by the Punjab government. Applicants can also obtain registration forms from Punjab Bank branches. The process will involve minimal down payments and interest-free loans, with subsidies provided by the government to ease financial burdens.

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Goals of the Punjab e Rickshaw Scheme

The overarching goal of this scheme is to provide sustainable employment opportunities, reduce poverty, and support economic stability among vulnerable communities in Punjab.

Quick Details

Scheme NamePunjab e Rickshaw Scheme 2024
Launched byCM Punjab Maryam Nawaz
AimProvide employment and livelihood support
Number of Rickshaws25,000
Beneficiaries26,000 unemployed individuals across Punjab
Eligibility CriteriaNational ID, Punjab domicile, income criteria, age, license
Registration MethodOnline portal and Punjab Bank branches
Financial SupportInterest-free loans, minimal down payment, government subsidy
Expected ImpactPoverty alleviation, economic empowerment

Impact and Future Prospects

The Punjab e Rickshaw Scheme holds immense promise in transforming the lives of many vulnerable families across the province. By providing a pathway to economic independence, it not only supports individual households but also contributes to broader socioeconomic development goals. The scheme aligns with the government’s broader agenda of inclusive growth and poverty reduction, aiming to build a more resilient and empowered Punjab.


As Punjab embarks on this ambitious initiative, the e Rickshaw Scheme 2024 stands as a testament to proactive governance and commitment to uplifting marginalized communities. By leveraging modern technology and innovative financing models, the government aims to create a more equitable society where every citizen has the opportunity to thrive. As details unfold and registrations commence, anticipation grows for the positive impact this scheme will undoubtedly bring to countless families and communities across Punjab.

How many rickshaws will be distributed?

Details on the exact distribution will be provided later.

Can I apply for both the bike scheme and the Rickshaw scheme?

Yes, eligible individuals can apply for both schemes.

How much will be the down payment for Rickshaw scheme 2024?

Details regarding the down payment will be communicated with the registration link.

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