Big Update Government Of Pakistan 8171 New Mobile Registration Start For [Disable Person]

Big Update Government Of Pakistan 8171 New Mobile Registration Start For [Disable Person]

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Mobile Registration

The 8171 Mobile Registration Service is designed to facilitate the registration of disabled individuals who face mobility challenges. By deploying mobile vans equipped with necessary tools and personnel, the service aims to simplify access to financial support provided by BISP. This approach eliminates the need for disabled individuals to visit BISP offices, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible process.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the 8171 service, individuals must meet specific criteria:
  • They must have a disability that significantly impairs mobility.
  • There should be no income earner in their family.
  • They should not own a business or have a regular source of income.

Registration Process Made Easy

Initiating the registration process is straightforward:
  • A family member initiates the process by sending a message to the 8171 portal.
  • Details required include the disabled person’s full name, address, nature of disability, and contact information.
  • Upon receiving the request, a mobile van is dispatched to the registered address to assist with the registration process.

Mobile Van Service at Home

The mobile van service ensures a hassle-free experience for disabled individuals:
  • Trained personnel help in filling out necessary forms and verifying eligibility at the individual’s home.
  • The process is designed to be efficient and respectful of the individual’s comfort.
  • After registration, a follow-up plan is provided, including guidance on payment access and further assistance.

Financial Support and Payment Methods

Registered disabled individuals are entitled to receive a monthly stipend of PKR 4,500:
  • Payments are disbursed monthly and can be accessed conveniently through JazzCash mobile wallets or ATMs.
  • This financial aid is crucial in helping disabled individuals cover basic living expenses and reduce dependency.

Social and Economic Impact

The 8171 Mobile Registration Service has garnered positive feedback for its social and economic benefits:
  • It empowers disabled individuals by providing easier access to essential financial resources.
  • Many beneficiaries have expressed gratitude for the convenience and effectiveness of the service, highlighting its positive impact on their lives.

Addressing Challenges and Future Prospects

While the service has been beneficial, it faces challenges such as logistical issues and ensuring timely payments:
  • The government is actively addressing these challenges by expanding the fleet of mobile vans and improving communication channels.
  • Future plans include extending the service to cover more geographical areas and introducing additional support services to enhance its reach and effectiveness.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the 8171 Mobile Registration Service:
What is the 8171 Mobile Registration Service?It facilitates the registration of disabled individuals for BISP through mobile vans at their homes.
Who is eligible for the 8171 Mobile Registration Service?Disabled individuals facing significant mobility challenges as per government-defined criteria.
How can I initiate the registration process for the 8171 service?A family member can request the service by sending details to the 8171 portal.
How much financial aid do registered individuals receive?Eligible individuals receive a monthly stipend of PKR 4,500.
What methods are available for receiving the payments?Payments can be accessed via JazzCash mobile wallets or ATMs.


In conclusion, the 8171 Mobile Registration Service represents a significant stride towards inclusivity and support for disabled individuals in Pakistan. By bringing essential government services directly to their homes, the initiative not only simplifies access but also upholds the dignity and rights of disabled citizens. As the government continues to expand and improve this service, it underscores its commitment to creating a more inclusive society where all individuals, regardless of their disabilities, can access crucial support services with ease.

Details at a Glance

Service Name8171 New Mobile Registration Service
ObjectiveFacilitate BISP registration for disabled individuals at home
EligibilityDisabled individuals with mobility impairments, no regular income
Registration ProcessFamily initiates via 8171 portal, providing necessary details
Service DeliveryMobile vans visit homes for registration
Financial AidMonthly stipend of PKR 4,500
Payment MethodsJazzCash mobile wallets, ATM withdrawals
Social ImpactEmpowers disabled individuals, enhances inclusivity
ChallengesLogistical issues, timely payment assurance
Future PlansExpansion to cover more areas, improve service delivery
Through these efforts, Pakistan aims to build a future where disabled individuals have equal opportunities and access to essential resources, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society

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