New Update: EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 Web Tracking Pass Gov. Portal 2024

New Update: EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 Web Tracking Pass Gov. Portal 2024

The EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 Web Portal 2024 is an initiative by the Government of Pakistan designed to assist the vulnerable segments of society. This online platform is a vital resource for individuals struggling with daily living expenses, providing a means to track various assistance programs and applications, including the Ehsaas and Benazir programs

Overview of EHSAAS Program

Inception and Objectives

Launched in 2018 by Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Ehsaas Program is aimed at poverty alleviation, targeting thousands of individuals living below the poverty line. The program, which gained significant traction during the COVID-19 pandemic, includes several extensions and initiatives designed to support those in need.

Government’s Role

The Government of Pakistan regularly introduces programs to support its citizens, and the Ehsaas Tracking portal is one such valuable initiative. This portal provides comprehensive details about the various programs and their benefits.

Using EHSAAS 8171 Portal

Eligibility and Registration

To check eligibility, individuals can visit the EHSAAS PORTAL and enter their CNIC number. For those without internet access, eligibility can be checked by sending a CNIC number to 8171. New registrations for the Ehsaas and Benazir programs began in March 2024.

In less developed areas, the Ehsaas Team conducts door-to-door campaigns to register eligible individuals. Residents can also visit Ehsaas Centers at their Tehsil or district headquarters to provide necessary information such as their CNIC number, household details, and contact information.

Tracking Application Status

Registered individuals need to visit the Ehsaas Tracking 8171 Web Portal 2024 (PASS GOV PK) and enter their CNIC or form number, followed by their mobile number and a Captcha code to check their application status. Eligible applicants will receive a message on their registered mobile number with further instructions and details about their nearest Ehsaas Sahulat center where they can collect their stipend.

BISP Tracking 2024

Following the end of Imran Khan’s PTI government, the PDM government transitioned all Ehsaas Program beneficiaries to the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), a social safety net initiated in 2008. The BISP program continues to support existing beneficiaries and has opened registration for new applicants. The dynamic survey process involves collecting required information to ensure eligibility.

Cash Withdrawal Process

Steps to Withdraw Cash

  1. Visit Nearest Bank: Go to the nearest Habib Bank or Bank Alfalah.
  2. Registration: Register on the biometric machine using thumb impression.
  3. Language Selection: Choose the preferred language.
  4. Information Entry: Enter CNIC number and application number.
  5. Cash Withdrawal: Withdraw 12000 PKR from the ATM.

Comprehensive Portal for Assistance Programs

The Ehsaas Nadra 8171 tracking portal is an all-encompassing platform for the government’s major cash assistance programs. By entering the CNIC number, individuals can check the status of their applications for both the Ehsaas and BISP 8171 programs.

Quick Details in Table Format

Portal NameEHSAAS TRACKING 8171 Web Portal 2024
Target AudienceVulnerable segments of Pakistani society
Primary PurposePoverty alleviation and financial assistance
Inception Year2018
Current ProgramsEhsaas Program, Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)
Eligibility CheckOnline via CNIC number or SMS to 8171
Registration ProcessOnline, door-to-door campaigns, or at Ehsaas Centers
Cash Withdrawal LocationsHabib Bank, Bank Alfalah outlets
Withdrawal Amount12000 PKR
Registration RequirementCNIC number, household details, mobile number
Tracking Portal URLPASS GOV PK 2024
Application Status CheckEnter CNIC or form number, mobile number, and Captcha on the portal

The EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 Web Portal 2024 serves as a critical resource for Pakistan’s most vulnerable populations, providing essential support and ensuring financial stability through efficient tracking and distribution mechanisms.

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