How to Secure 10,500 PKR Monthly with BISP and Reasons for BISP Ineligibility 2024

How to Secure 10,500 PKR Monthly with BISP and Reasons for BISP Ineligibility 2024

Many individuals face disqualification from the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) due to various reasons post-registration. This section outlines the primary reasons for disqualification and provides insights into rectifying them to ensure successful enrollment.

Reasons for BISP Ineligibility 2024

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has increased its monthly stipend to PKR 10,500 to assist eligible families amid rising inflation. To apply for the 2024 BISP program, individuals must visit a nearby BISP center and submit a registration form with necessary personal and income details. Required documents include the Family Registration Certificate (FRC), CNIC, a recent utility bill for address verification, a passport-sized photograph, and a contact number. BISP uses the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) to verify eligibility.

BISP Ineligibility 2024

There is no official update on whether BISP offers exactly 10,500 PKR monthly payments in 2024. The BISP program offers financial aid to eligible low-income families in Pakistan, and the amount can vary. Here’s how to check eligibility: text your CNIC number to 8171. BISP eligibility criteria can change, so it’s best to visit their website for the latest information.

Main Reasons for BISP Ineligibility

Individuals may find themselves ineligible for the BISP due to several factors. Understanding and addressing these reasons are crucial for successful registration within the program.

Reasons That Could Disqualify You from BISP

  • Not Meeting Eligibility Criteria: Failure to meet specific criteria, including a monthly income exceeding 60,000, a poverty score higher than 32, lack of affiliation with a poor and deserving family, government employment, involvement in illegal activities, ownership of agricultural or business land, or participation in another assistance program, may lead to disqualification.
  • Meeting Eligibility Criteria: Conversely, meeting certain criteria such as having a monthly income below 60,000, monthly expenses exceeding 6000, a poverty score significantly lower than 32, being a widow, not employed in the government sector, not having traveled abroad, not being registered in any other aid program, having a disability, and not owning agricultural or commercial land can ensure eligibility.

Complete Registration Procedure for BISP

Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria can proceed with the registration process outlined below. Note that there is no online registration procedure currently available, and individuals must visit the nearest BISP Tehsil office to complete the process.

Registration Procedure:

  1. Visit Nearest BISP Tehsil Office: Begin by visiting the nearest BISP Tehsil office to initiate the registration process.
  2. Complete Survey: Ask the representative to complete your survey, after which you will be directed to the registration desk.
  3. Obtain Token: At the registration desk, obtain a token for your survey.
  4. Wait for Survey Number: Wait for your survey number, which will be provided after obtaining the token.
  5. Complete Survey: Proceed to the survey registration room with your survey number to answer socio-economic questions accurately.
  6. Provide Thumb Impression: Upon completion of the questions, provide your thumb impression on the affidavit presented by the representative.
  7. Survey Confirmation: Once the survey is completed, you will receive an SMS confirming the survey completion at the provided number.

Confirmation and Benefits

After completing the registration process, individuals will receive confirmation via SMS. Eligible individuals can then collect their financial assistance from nearby payment centers.

Quick Details:

Program Name:Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)
Financial Aid:Up to 10,500 PKR monthly
Eligibility:Based on specific income and socio-economic criteria
Registration:In-person at BISP Tehsil offices
Verification:Confirmation via SMS after registration completion
Payment:Collect funds from designated payment centers

Final Words

The Benazir Income Support Program stands as Pakistan’s largest and sole cash transfer initiative, aimed at providing financial assistance to deserving individuals. By understanding the eligibility criteria and following the outlined registration steps, individuals can become part of this program and receive monthly financial aid. Take action promptly to benefit from this program and alleviate financial burdens.

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