Good News: New Payment Method Benazir Kafalat Announced 2024

Good News: New Payment Method Benazir Kafalat Announced 2024

The Benazir Kafalat 10500 program is set to commence on May 13, facilitating individuals from impoverished backgrounds who qualify to receive financial assistance. This article aims to elucidate the revamped payment process introduced by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), ensuring the smooth disbursement of funds and mitigating any potential challenges faced by beneficiaries.

New Payment Method Benazir Kafalat

Great news for Benazir Kafalat recipients! The wait for the May and June installments is over. As of June 3rd, 2024, eligible individuals can now receive their Rs. 12,500 payment through an online verification process. This can be done from the comfort of your home via the 8171 BISP Ehsaas portal or SMS. If you need help, you can visit your nearest BISP office.

Benazir Kafalat Announced 2024

There isn’t news of an entirely new payment method for Benazir Kafalat in 2024. However, recent updates involve increased accessibility and potentially wider outreach. The program offers a higher stipend of 10,500 rupees monthly starting May 2024 and has simplified registration processes. They also recently clarified that communication will only occur through the official number 8171 to avoid scams.

Benazir Kafalat New Payment Method

Queueing up: Upon arrival at the BISP office, beneficiaries will be required to join a queue, marking the initial step in the payment process.

Screening: Individuals will undergo screening at the office gate, allowing only those whose funds have been released by BISP to proceed. Tokens indicating the allocated amount will be issued post-screening.

Waiting area: Beneficiaries with tokens will be directed to a designated waiting area, facilitating an organized distribution process.

Payment of amounts: In this phase, individuals will be called upon to receive their allocated funds, equivalent to the amount issued by BISP.

Payment Monitoring: To uphold transparency, a payment monitoring stage will ensure recipients receive their full entitlements.

Interview with women: Female beneficiaries will participate in an interview gauging satisfaction with the revised payment method.

Financial Assistance Details

Amount Released: The financial aid remains consistent with previous cycles, offering Rs 10,500 to eligible recipients.

Double Payment for Blocked Accounts: Individuals previously unable to access funds due to account issues will now receive double payments, totaling Rs 21,000.


The inception of Benazir Kafalat 10500 on May 13 marks a crucial initiative to alleviate financial strain for disadvantaged families. BISP’s revamped payment method, comprising six sequential stages, aims to streamline distribution while upholding transparency. Notably, recipients encountering account blockages in the past will benefit from double payments, reflecting the government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable demographics. By providing essential aid, the program endeavors to foster socio-economic stability across Pakistan.

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