Breaking News: Maryam Nawaz Launches Driving Schools for Women

Breaking News: Maryam Nawaz Launches Driving Schools for Women

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has taken a significant step to empower women in Punjab with her latest initiative: the Driving Schools Scheme. This program aims to provide women with essential driving skills, thereby enhancing their independence and mobility. This effort is part of a broader mission to support women’s empowerment in the region.

Driving Schools Scheme Overview

The Driving Schools Scheme includes the establishment of four dedicated driving schools across Punjab. These schools are designed to teach women both car and motorcycle driving skills, ensuring they have the tools needed to navigate their daily lives independently.

Driving SchoolLocationClass TimingsInstructorsSkills Taught
Abshar Driving SchoolJail Road8 am – 4 pmFemale InstructorsCar and Motorcycle Driving
Women on Wheels SchoolFerozepur Road8 am – 4 pmFemale InstructorsCar and Motorcycle Driving
Liberty Service Center Driving SchoolLiberty8 am – 4 pmFemale InstructorsCar and Motorcycle Driving
Manawan Traffic Lines Driving SchoolManawan8 am – 4 pmFemale InstructorsCar and Motorcycle Driving

Women-to-Women Service

A cornerstone of this initiative is the women-to-women service model. Female instructors will lead the classes, providing a comfortable and supportive learning environment for women learners. This approach, supported by the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) of Lahore, is crucial for fostering confidence and skill development among women drivers.

Key Features of the Women-to-Women Service:

  • Empowerment: Promotes women’s independence by enhancing their mobility.
  • Skill Development: Provides women with necessary driving skills for both cars and motorcycles.
  • Safety and Comfort: Ensures a supportive environment with female instructors.

Timings for the Driving Classes

Classes are scheduled from 8 am to 4 pm to accommodate women’s daily routines. This timing flexibility is designed to fit seamlessly into their schedules, making it easier for them to participate.

Instructors at the Driving Schools

All driving instructors at these schools are female, ensuring that women learners receive guidance and support in a comfortable and encouraging environment. This setup is intended to help women feel more at ease and confident while learning to drive.


The CM Maryam Nawaz Driving Schools for Women Scheme is a transformative step towards empowering women in Punjab. By offering essential driving skills and ensuring a supportive learning environment, this initiative aims to significantly enhance the independence and mobility of women across the province. This program is part of a broader effort by the Chief Minister to support women’s empowerment, building on previous initiatives like the “Clinics on Wheels” project, which aimed to provide medical services to underserved areas in Punjab.

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